Saturday, October 11, 2008

Love At First Sight.

I know this collection has been all over every fashion blog and magazine that has anything to say about this year's set of Autumn/Winter collections, but I was going through pictures the other night, and I have to say that out of every collection that I've ever seen on the runway, this has to be my favorite. I've already blogged about it once, but I just felt the need to mention it again, because to me, everything about this is spectacular. It's so effortless, but so glamorous at the same time. It's perfect. Even though it looks like he took old clothes out of the trash and threw them on his models, he makes every piece look so elegant. Seriously, it is so so good. I thought I would get tired of its monochrome color scheme, and the ripped tights, and the ski caps...but NO. I am still head over heels. Just sayin.

I love you, Alex. You are the best.

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The Daily Masquerade said...

I loved that collection as well... so cool and wearable!